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Guide Dog Users of California is the leading educational and advocacy organization promoting the public acceptance and civil rights of California Guide/Service dog teams. Our work is three fold. Through our Technical Assistance Resource Center (TRAC) and our regularly updated online Resource Directory, service dog teams and our Business and Community Partners can access an array of information and assistance. The information is designed to support guide/ service dog users with understanding their rights and responsibilities while offering our Business and Community Partners practical and cost- effective tools to satisfy legal requirements. We work to ensure guide/service dogs and users receive the proper training and necessary supports needed to operate safely as a team. Additionally, we support consumer protection regulatory efforts designed to ensure that service dog training programs and instructors are licensed, training is standardized, and facilities well maintained.


iStock_000004649319_LargeThe recent increase of service dogs into the public sphere has presented businesses, transportation agencies, municipalities, and housing entities with a series of legal and regulatory challenges. We aim to both educate and support users of “individually trained” guide/service dogs as to their rights and responsibilities, while supporting legislative and regulatory efforts designed to address concerns held by our business and community partners. The fusing of these efforts results in safeguarding protections granted working teams by the Americans with Disabilities Act and related non-discrimination laws.

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